Has Lil Wayne Fell off?

Posted by Phire Music on February 16, 2017 News | | No comments

Has Lil Wayne fell off? Phire Music conducted a poll to see whether Hip-Hop fans were interested in hearing a new Lil Wayne commercial album, such as the “Carter 5.”  Majority of the voters “Do Not Care” or “Don’t Want” to hear a new Lil Wayne album with a percentage of 67%.  Overall, more people just didn’t care.  There was over 150 voters.

Therefore, even though a small number of voters, it is probably similar on a larger scale.  For whatever reason, 1) Cash Money problems, 2) no recent hits, 3) new generation of fans and artists; Lil Wayne is not as popular as he used to be and a new album is not anticipated.  However, a big hit could change people’s minds.