2Pac’s Hit em Up Voted Top Diss Record of ALL Time

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On our recent Phire Poll: “What is the Fiercest Diss Record of All Time?” 2Pac’s “Hit em Up” was voted the fiercest Hip-Hop diss song with 40% of the vote.  There were 11 songs in the poll, which included the newest big diss track “Back to Back” by Drake, and as old as the “Bridge is Over” by Boogie Down Productions.  “No Vaseline” by Ice Cube came in second with 29% of the vote, and Nas’ “Ether” came in a close third with one less vote than “No Vaseline.”

Top Hip-Hop Diss Records Poll

Phire Music’s DJ Wreck assisted in the compiling this list.  After the end of the poll, he actually created a great discussion on the background on some of the songs.  Below is his thoughts on the top three songs of the poll:

  1. Hit Em Up- 2Pac: Except for a few rumors that were buzzin’ in the underground on how 2Pac and BIG were not cool no more, 2Pac blaming Big for his shooting, and the rumor that “Who Shot Ya” was geared to 2Pac, this song came out of nowhere.  This song just started out vicious, and no matter how many people want to deny it, it was true…“That’s why I fucked your Bitch!” Pac really didn’t kill it lyrically, but it flowed. This song hit the clubs, and everybody knew the lyrics and it had lines that people chanted “grab ya glocks when u see 2pac, call the cops when u see 2pac.”  Also out of nowhere, he disses Mobb Deep and the fact that Prodigy had sickle cell. That was because they did a song called LA LA, which wasn’t a diss record.  Also, Pac’s energy was so high, he made you feel the song even more.  This song was basically the start of the East Coast and West Coast war, and the beginning of the end of 2Pac and Biggie.  R.I.P.
  2. No Vaseline- Ice Cube: I really didn’t think it is has harsh as everyone says, but it was the 1st song out of the NWA & Ice Cube that 100% addressed the beef.  Other than that they were basically taking small jabs at each other.  So, Ice Cube went completely in.  He showed how hypocritical NWA was, and how they were getting ripped off by Jerry Heller.  What also was crazy, NWA never responded, and shortly after Dr. Dre left the group, he stated he was getting ripped off, and basically the group broke up.
  3. Ether- Nas: Most people remember one of the biggest rivals in Hip-Hop history.  Two of the top New York and Hip-Hop rappers.  Also, they were always being argued on who was the King of NY.  Before Ether there were many subliminal disses.  The beef is known to go back as far as before or during the Reasonable Doubt album, but it took center stage with a Nas diss record on an Erik B/ Rakim Beat.  Jay Z actually came strong on the commercial copy of “Take Over.”  At this point Jay Z was the King of NY and was winning the beef.  Many thought it was over.  Right before Nas released his the Stillmatic album, Ether dropped.  It was fierce with crazy punchlines that showed you the key on how to make diss records.  Everyone but Jay’s Stans knew that Nas beat the Jigga Man.  Even though, Jay Z released more songs, that beef was done, Nas won.

You can read DJ Wreck’s full blog post HERE.