About Us

PHIRE (Philadelphia Records & Entertainment) MUSIC is the new premiere Hip-Hop & R&B entertainment company.  It consists of Independent Music Record Label and Artist Management Company, which are based in Philadelphia, PA. The music division is an independent record label that mainly distributes its singles and albums through the internet retail stores, such as I-Tune and Amazon.com, and uses DJs and blogs to promote the music as well. With the proper structure, the new and improved independent record labels are the future of the music business.

PHIRE MUSIC was initially influenced by the popularity of the 1970’s Philadelphia based record company “Philadelphia International Records.” They produced hits of artists from all different locations, such as the O’Jays, Patti Labelle, Lou Rawls, and more.

PHIRE MUSIC was establish to be an independent record label to showcase, not just Philadelphia Hip-Hop and R&B artists, but all Hip-Hop and R&B artists in all cities, who have been ignored by the major big three record labels because of “not knowing” or “not being connected” to the right person. This Philadelphia independent record label (PHIRE MUSIC) will sign, market, and promote the best talent from and to all markets. Our connection is with the club, mix-show & mix-tape DJs, as well as the urban or Hip-Hop and R&B radio stations.

PHIRE MUSIC has become the next generation Entertainment Company. The overall company consists of the Hip-Hop & R&B independent music label, but other divisions are just as important, as well. PHIRE MUSIC MANAGEMENT is the company’s Artist Management Division. PHIRE MUSIC Management has and will sign a few up & coming music artists and music producers.  Their music and beats will be “shopped” to major record labels and local and national artists. The artist management division’s objective is to build the music artists’ and producers’ popularity and create financial opportunities.

PHIRE MUSIC’s event division also produces or sponsors events to market the label or artists. These events have included talent shows, sponsored parties, and charity or fundraiser events.  Phire is not just an indie music label, it is a full fledged entertainment company.

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